South Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Baker Reck Law. Many South Florida personal injury claims are governed by statutes of limitations.  The statute of limitations is the time limit you have for filing your claim; once that time limit has expired, you can no longer file your claim.  While the idea of a time period for filing a claim may seem straightforward, it can become complicated quite quickly.

For example, if you are injured as a result of medical malpractice, the statute of limitations states that you have two years from the time of injury in which you may file a claim. However, if you suffered an injury that is not discovered within that two year window, you must file your claim within a year from the date that the injury was discovered or when it should have been discovered, whichever is earlier.

Personal Injury Claims & Theories of Liability in Florida:

Auto Accident Claims: Automobile drivers in Florida who are negligent in the operation of a motor vehicle and cause personal injury or property damage as a result will be liable to the injured party.

Medical Malpractice: A health care professional must provide an accepted standard of care. This is that level of care and treatment recognized as appropriate by similar healthcare providers under similar circumstances.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Property owners are held to a special standard requiring that they maintain their premises in a safe manner, make reasonable inspections and notify others of known dangerous conditions. When a property owner fails to do so, they will be liable for personal injuries that result.

Product Liability Lawsuits: When products placed into the stream of commerce for use and consumption injure another, manufacturers, designers and distributors will be held strictly liable for the injuries meaning that the consumer need not prove fault.

Wrongful Death Cases: If an individual dies due to the negligence of another in an automobile accident, a medical malpractice case, a work related injury or a premises liability case, the liable party or parties will be responsible to the victim’s estate for any and all personal injury settlements that arise.

Workers Compensation Laws: In Florida, all employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance so that, in the event of a workplace injury, employees’ medical expenses will be covered.


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